Discover Nafplio in 24 hours

nafplio, ναυπλιο, trip, weekend, 24hours, ταξίδι, εκδρομή, 24ώρες, μπούρτζι, φάρος, παλιά πόλη
nafplio, ναυπλιο, trip, weekend, 24hours, ταξίδι, εκδρομή, 24ώρες, μπούρτζι, φάρος, παλιά πόλη

You head to the hotel for the check-in; leave your luggage and go for a walk in the alleys. If you have no hotel booking, try the Elena Hotel, which has many rooms (you will surely find one), you can park around it and it is on your way! Two steps walk and you're in the old town!
The alleys are endless, so start with the main ones. Walk from the Square of the Three Admirals (where the Town Hall is), into King Constantine's street (called the Big Road), take a look at the shops and reach Syntagma Square.
Stand right in the center of Syntagma Square and make a slow turn of 360 degrees looking at the restored buildings. The Archaeological Museum, the old Parliament Building (called Vouleftiko), the Trianon, the restaurant "Hellas"... Choose one place to enjoy your coffee and relax as long as you like.
Continue your walk to Bouboulina's street (which is the coastal road), until you reach the lighthouse and take a selfie with Bourtzi fortress in the background.
It has reached early afternoon; you're hungry; it's sensible. Whatever you choose to eat, you better not devour it fast. The rhythms of the city are more relaxed and this means that even a "souvlaki" (pork skewer) is worth tasting it stress-free.
A little rest at the hotel is a must ...
Late in the afternoon, stroll down the alleys once more and definitely get some ice cream - it is worth trying both Italian and local Greek, to mark the difference.
You sit in a nice hangout for a "rakomelo" (traditional Greek alcoholic drink with honey and cinnamon served hot), for local original cocktails or a good Agiorgitiko wine (unique Greek variety). In short, you will drink. So to relax, if yet you have not entered the "relax mode".
You return to the hotel enchanted by the idyllic illuminated city and letting go, into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Kipos Restaurant

1, Philellinon Square, 21100, Nafplio
+30 27520 22978

Kontogiorgos Café

3, Akti Miaouli, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Port)
+30 27520 28686

You start by enjoying the hotel's rich breakfast (if it includes fresh orange juice and handmade pies, do not even think to pass), you check out and go out for more sightseeing.
If you have a car, go uphill to visit Palamidi castle up close and admire the view of the city from above.
Before you bid the city good-bye, satisfy your hunger at one of the seaside taverns, to grasp an extra breeze of the sea.

You just completed 24 hours in Nafplio! Few indeed, to say that you know it by heart, yet enough to clear your mind and open your heart to the beauty of this place...

breakfast, hotel, πρωινό, διαμονή, Ναύπλιο, Nafplio
Ναύπλιο, Nafplio, φαγητό, food, tavern, ταβέρνες