Vouleftiko - “Mousika Palamidia”, November 30th 2019

The Municipality of Nafplio and DOPPAT (Municipal Organization of Sports, Culture, Tourism and Environment) co-organize a musical festive event titled "Mousika Palamidia", on the occasion of the celebration in Nafplion of the Fall of Palamidi Castle and the Liberation of the city from the Turkish yoke (this anniversary take place the last Sunday of each November).
The event will take place on Saturday, November 30th 2019, in the Hall of the First Parliament of the Greeks (Vouleftiko) in Nafplio.

The programme includes Byzantine hymns of Saint Anastassios (tutelary saint of Nafplio) and of Saint Andrew, traditional popular and artistic songs for "Anapli" (Nafplio), Palamidi castle, Akronafplia castle, as well as other folk songs from different regions of Greece, performed by the musical group "Byzantine and Traditional Echoes", in teaching and direction by Konstantinos Routoulas.

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Did you know that?
It was from Palamidi castle that the liberation of the city by the Turks began, after a long siege. On the night of 29th November 1822, a group of Greek warriors led by Staikos Staikopoulos captured Palamidi using surprise. The first to step his foot into the fortress was Dimitrios Moschonissiotis, invading from the “Achilleas” bastion.

Μουσικά Παλαμήδεια Ναύπλιο, Mousika Palamidia Nafplio, δημοτικά και παραδοσιακά τραγούδια Ναύπλιο, traditional folk music Nafplio

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