Pronia of Nafplio - Musical evening on Saturday, September 10th 2022

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We have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent musical evening, at "Pronia" municipal district of Nafplio on Saturday, September 10th 2022, with Greek popular contemporary songs by Vangelis Trigas in the bouzouki and Margarita Karamolegkou, in beloved Greek songs...

Pronoia district is a favorite and special district in the city of Nafplio and is always part of the Municipality's cultural events.

Vangelis Trigas is a soloist, composer, bouzouki teacher and researcher of Greek Folk Music. In his long career, he has made numerous musical collaborations, written and published 42 related music books, most notably the "Method for three-chord bouzouki" and "Method for four-chord bouzouki", organizes bouzouki seminars, recorded five personal albums and gives musical performances in Greece and abroad with his musical ensemble.
As a soloist, he has musically collaborated with renowned Greek musicians, such as the conductor Loukas Karytinos and singers (Maria Farandouris, George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Dimitris Mitropanos, Manolis Mitsias, Mary Linda, Manolis Lidakis, Vasilis Lekkas, Gerasimos Andreatos, etc.). He has given concerts in distinguished music stages and concert halls in Greece and Abroad (National Opera House, Herodeion, Concert Hall of Athens and Thessaloniki, Munich Philharmonic, Wiener Konzerthaus etc.). 

"Vangelis Trigas" musical group
Vangelis Trigas has formed his own musical group, with Margarita Karamolegkou on vocals, and he gives musical performances in Greece and abroad. In these performances important songs from Greece and the Mediterranean are selected and he presents his personal instrumental compositions in an effort to highlight the bouzouki in contemporary Greek Folk Music. The sophisticated sound of the bouzouki, which blends harmoniously with the sound of the other classical instruments, combined with the special way of rendering the songs by the voices, offers a different listening that is at the same time a new proposal.

Vangelis Trigas - bouzouki
Margarita Karamolegou - singing
Theodoros Brutzakis - piano
Antonis Sideris - bouzouki, guitar
Giannis Nonis - double bass

Trigas Karamolegou performance, Τρίγκας με Καραμολέγκου συναυλία
Βαγγέλης Τρίγκας, Vaggelis Trigkas, Trigas Vangelis

Τhe National Assembly Square (Plateia Ethnosynelefsis) of Pronia municipal district of Nafplio


Free for the public

Did you know that?
The event is organized by the "DOPPAT" Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Nafplio.
The musical evenings dedicated to Manolis Chiotis, as well as performances of Karagkiozis (shadows theater) from time to time, are the top cultural events of Pronia district of Nafplio.

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