Fougaro - Christos Nikolopoulos Greek music Live, June 26th 2022

bouzouki, μπουζούκι

On June 26th 2022 -Sunday night- the Fougaro Art Center welcomes an emblematic Greek folk composer and bouzouki master, Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos, for a unique live performance! With him, there will be two important popular voices of the younger generation of singers, Mr. Stelios Dionysiou and Mrs. Eleana Papaioannou, in well known and loved Greek songs.

The Fougaro Art Center presents its first summer concert in two years, in which the famous Greek bouzouki player and composer Christos Nikolopoulos, with countless songs to his repertoire, who has associated his name with quality Greek folk song, has created a special evening concert for us with his timeless songs in the bouzouki.
The evening will take off by the two renowned singers, who accompany the great composer: Stelios Dionysiou, one of the most beloved Greek folk singers with a genuine folk voice and Eleana Papaioannou, who with the characteristic color of her voice can support many types of song with the same consistency and power.
The musical direction of the program, which is accompanied by an orchestra of six excellent musicians, is undertaken by Mr. Nikos Stratigos.

Date - Starting time
Sunday, June 26th 2022, at 22:00
On the day of the event, Fougaro will be open to the public from 8pm. and admission will only take place with a concert ticket.

Χρήστος Νικολόπουλος με Στέλιο Διονυσίου κι Ελεάνα Παπαϊωάννου, Nikolopoulos with Dionysiou and Papaioannou
Fougaro Art Center event Nafplio, συναυλία στο Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο

By ticket, from 20:00
15 € - presale at Fougaro Café-Bistrot
18 € - at the Cashiers

Reservations - Information
Fougaro Art Center, 98 Asklipiou Ave., Nafplio
Τ +30 27520 47300  | M +30 6946 594 588

Did you know that?
Christos Nikolopoulos (July 11th 1947) is a great bouzouki master and one of the most recognized Greek composers of Greek folk song production. Self-taught and self-made, he claims the record to this day, having in his assets much more than 20,000 songs (playbacks / recordings) in many records, collections, etc., while the songs he has written exceed 1800. His deep musical knowledge has been combined with some of the biggest names and hits of folk song for several decades.
He remains active to this day, with a central role in an excellent show of the ERT2 national TV channel for the folk song (the Yard of Colors), where with Mrs. Athena Kampakoglou editing ang presenting, he gives his countless personal testimonies, but also orchestrates the entire evening repertoire.

Ελεάνα Παπαϊωάννου, Eleana Papaioannou singer
Stelios Dionysiou, Στέλιος Διονυσίου

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