Komboloi Museum

You look at a chaplet and you think of Nafplio. You're in Nafplio and you are  looking for a souvenir and think of a chaplet. A visit to the Komboloi Museum, housed in an old neoclassical building, is necessary in order to get the best quality chaplet.

A story from the past
The museum, which operates under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Culture, was founded in April 1998 by Mr Evangelinos and Mrs Rallou Gromitsari. In Komboloi Museum, you will find a unique collection of 700 old prayer books and prayer beads, which are date from 1550 to 1950! Their materials vary: natural amber Baltic Sea amber - mastic, amber - Faturan, black coral (yusuri), red coral, ivory, bone, horn, wood etc.. The Komboloi Museum hides a great history within four small rooms.

Did you know that?
Since its establishment until now, the museum has welcomed more than 150,000 visitors (not counting at this number schools, teachers, military personnel who are excluded from the ticket).

Worth to see
On the first floor, where you will  find the museum, there are approximately 300 Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic rosaries and about 700 Greek chaplets made of rare materials such as amber, the Faturan, coral, ivory, etc. After admiring them you can buy your own in the shop on the ground floor. Here you can buy an old komboloi (if you are a collector) and of course you can choose a new one from countless natural materials and amber. Prices are similar to the quality of your choice.

25 Staikopoulou Str, Old Town,
T +30 27520 21618
W  www.komboloi.gr


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