Vouleftiko - "State and Violence" Conference, Saturday, June 4th 2022

άγαλμα Δικαιοσύνης, statue of Justice

The Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms, in collaboration with the Nafplio Barristers' Association and with the kind sponsorship of the Municipality of Nafplio, organizes and presents to the public the one-day conference on "State and Violence", on Saturday, June 4th 2022, in the Old Parliament of Nafplio (ld parliamentary building, named "Vouleftiko").

The venue
The building of the first Greek Parliament named "Vouleftiko" (Nafplio old town on Syntagma Square)

Date - Starting time
Saturday, June 4th 2022 at 10:00am

The use of a face-mask is advisable.

Mrs. Dionysia Bitzouni, honorary judge of Supreme Court of Greece (Areios Pagos), President of the "Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms"
Mr. Georgios Stavropoulos, e.t. Vice President of the State Council, The first president of the Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms
Mr. Dimitris Kostouros, Mayor of Nafplio
Mr. Dimitrios Orfanos, Chairman/ head of the Nafplio Barristers' Association

Session 1 (10:30-12:00)
Chairman: Mrs. Margarita Stenioti, Judge at Athens Appellate, Vice Chairman of the Board (of Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms)
Mr. Gerasimos Melissinos, Lawyer of the Nafplio Barristers' Association: "State and Violence in the Newly Formed Greek State, 1827-1834"
Mrs. Elisavet Symeonidou Kastanidou, Professor of Criminal Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh): "State violence and the rule of law: a fragile balance"
Mr. Andreas Pottakis, Ombudsman: "State Violence and Democracy: Control of the Security Forces"
Coffee break

Session 2 (12:30 – 14:30)
Chairman: Mr. Vassilios Makris, e.t. Deputy Public Prosecutor of Areopagus
Mr. Nikos Livos, Assistant Professor of Criminal Law at the Kapodostrian University of Athens: "If justice is the purpose of criminal proceedings, can violence be the means to achieve it?"
Mrs. Vasiliki Sergianni (Hellenic Police Force, Security Administration of Attica): "The confrontation of violent crimes by the Services of the Security Administration of Attica. Inter arma silent leges?".
Mr. Vassilios Androulakis, State Counselor, First Vice President of the Board (of Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms): "The civil liability of the state from illegal acts and omissions of the policemen"
Discussion: 14:30 -15:30


Βουλευτικό Ναύπλιο, Vouleftiko Nafplio, Παλαιά Βουλή Ναυπλίου Βουλευτικό
State and violence statue, κράτος και βία άγαλμα

Did you know that?
The Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms was established as an association on February 27th 1989 and became a member of MEDEL, the European Organization of Judges for Democracy and Freedoms, with Mr. Georgios Stavropoulos, then Vice President of the State Council, as its first President.
For the 30 years of the Society of Greek Judicial Officers for Democracy and Freedoms, an Anniversary event was held on March 16th 2019 in the Senate Hall of the Greek Parliament, entitled "Austerity and Social Rights".
Justice is the third pillar of a democratic state, not only resolving disputes, but also protecting Human Rights.

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