Nafplio - Tree lighting ceremony, December 14th 2019

On Saturday, December 14th 2019 at Syntagma Square, the city officially welcomes Christmas, by lighting its Christmas tree with carols, songs and treats. The Mayor of Nafplio will launch the celebration of the birth of hope also this year, by lighting up the stars that will adorn the tree of love and solidarity.
We are lighting the Christmas tree of the city, with the Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra, the "Tamperamento" children chorus, the chorus of the VD Chronopoulou School of Foreign Languages, the "Horokinissi" Athletic Progressive Club and for this year, the "something more" will be the "Crescendo" strings Quartet, with the singer Ioanna Emmanuel and the friendly appearance of our great performer, Mme Penny Xenaki!
From 17:30 in the central square of Nafplio elves, jugglers and stilt walkers will await us all, young and old. The traditional "kourabie" and "melomakarona" sweets will be ready for everyone to taste and Mme Maria Karanikola's Christmas delicacies will be prepared on the spot and will take our taste off.

Start of events
Tree lighting at 18:30.

Syntagma Square


Did you know that?
The Argolis Association of Cancer Patients and Friends "Solidarity" supporting the project of "Make-a-Wish", decorate a different tree of love, with Stars of Wishes! A paper star, at the back of which each of us can write his own wish and who is "magically" transformed into a star of love, that gives power to our wish offering hope and life! That way we all can share the power of a wish, offering a smile to a child in need...
The Nafplio Culture Gateway ("Pili Politismou") participates in the festive event with a Christmas bazaar of handmade creations. All proceeds will go to the Social Market Gate of Love ("Pili tis Agapis"). 

Nafplio Christmas tree 2019, Άναμμα δέντρου Χριστουγέννων 2019 Ναύπλιο
Nafplio Christmas tree 2019, Άναμμα δέντρου Χριστουγέννων 2019 Ναύπλιο

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