Nafplio Naval Events "Naftiki Nafpliada" - August 21st-28th 2021

Μπούρτζι Ναυπλίου, Bourtzi of Nafplio Greece

The Nafplio Naval Events under the name "Naftiki Nafpliada" is a celebration for the sea, for the people who serve it, for all the people who live here, who enjoy and get inspired by the sea breeze that runs through the Argolic gulf and returns to us from Bourtzi castle.

The Nafplio Naval Events this year are dedicated to the 200 years of the Greek Revolution and will last from August 21st to August 28th 2021.
The celebration of Nafplio Naval week is one of the top events of Nafplio and -although this year the duration of the festivities has been limited due to the pandemic- its quality is expected to impress once again locals and visitors, who come to enjoy it. Both, the exhibition of paintings by about 46 painters and artists, which will adorn Amalias Street and Trion Navarchon Square, with the parallel musical accompaniment of the piano, as well as the wonderful "barcarola", which concludes with the impressive fireworks, will be unforgettable.

γύρος Αρβανιτιάς Ναυπλίου ελληνική σημαία, Nafplio Arvanitia tour Greek flag detail
docked ship in Nafplio, Nafplio Naval Events, πλοίο στο λιμάνι Ναυπλίου, Ναυτική Ναυπλιάδα

Events duration
Saturday, August 21st to Saturday, August 28th 2021

Free to all events

Principal events
Saturday 21.08.2021
Three Admirals Square | At 20:30
Opening ceremony. Art Exhibition at Three Admirals Square, at Kapodistrias square, hanging in the school railings and in the streets of the city. A bunch of colors and ideas and Art all over. Nafplio embraces works by 46 artists. The visual arts will be accompanied by the art of music, with Theodosis Antoniadis on the piano chords. Duration of the exhibition until August 28th 2021.

Saturday 24.08.2019
Harbor area "Π" (Pi) | At 20:30
On Saturday evening, the events of "Naftiki Nafpliada 2019" will summit in the harbor. Honor to the people of the sea. Throwing a wreath in the waters of the Argolic Gulf by the Harbor Master of Nafplio. The "barcarola" will travel with us accompanied by the illuminated boats of the fishermen and with passengers all the participants, under the light of fireworks. Paintings and figures of the fighters of the Greek Revolution will emerge from the sea and swirl in the air, provoking our senses.

Did you know that?
The Nafplio Naval Events are organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, the Regional Unity of Argolida, the "Palamidis" Progressive Club of Nafplio and the Association of the people of origin from Nafplio living everywhere named "Nafplios".
The events will take place following the terms and conditions imposed by the health protocols.

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