Nafplio - Ioannis Kapodistrias: in the footsteps of a great leader, September 23-27th 2021

On the last weekend of September every year, Nafplio City honors the Grand Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias with special Memorial Events. This year, a triptych of exhibition, educational program and theatrical work is presented -written especially for this action- on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.
A groundbreaking effort to "read" the life of this great Man. With important unseen historical information; the course of Kapodistrias seen from the perspective of the women he denied, for the sake of the only woman who served throughout his life: the free and independent Greece.
A journey into the life of the great politician, with stops at the most important events and the most important female figures, whom he met on his way. A path full of the dim light of the dark chessboard of diplomacy. A journey full of espionage, secrets, intrigues, but also a lot of devotion and faith in the goal of the liberation of the Greek Nation. A journey that led the world-monk -in mentality- Kapodistrias to death, in his white costume, to meet the embrace of his only true love: his Homeland!

This is an original theatrical text, which concerns the life and work of the first leader of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. It is a production of the General Administration of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage and is combined with the organization of a traveling exhibition for Ioannis Kapodistrias, as well as an educational program for secondary education on the same subject.
Actually, the play closes the circle of this particular project, consisting of three separate but unified in their thematic pieces. The third part of this unified project (theatrical play) is a dramatized "adult education program" for Ioannis Kapodistrias.
The theatrical play monitors Kapodistrias from the moment of his arrival in Aegina, follows him to Nafplio, showing his course as the first governor of free Greece and at the same time unfolds events of his previous life, in Corfu, his place of birth, in Russia and in European countries, where he was active, with the method of alternating narration from the present to the past and vice versa.

General Coordination: George Didaskalou, General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture
Writing all texts of the exhibition, of the theatrical play and selection of supervisory material: Mrs. Polyxeni Adam Veleni, Archaeologist - Theatrologist, General Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage and Mr. Asteris Peltekis, Director - Actor - Theatrologist
Exhibition graphic designer: StudioHervik, DesignErgon constructions
Directed by: Asteris Peltekis
Lighting: Christos Bozikis
Sets - Costumes: Alexandra Siafkou, Aristotelis Karananos
Music Composition: George Voukanos
Photography - Assistant Director: Nektarios Sougleris
Educational Program: Administration of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs
Administrative support: Administration of Modern Cultural Heritage
Secretariat of the triptych project: Eleni Rapti
Artistic curation of the triptych project: Asteris Peltekis

Actors - Musicians
Thanos Kontogiorgis, Konstantina Lallou, Nikoletta Petanidou (Piano), Kyriakos Petrou (Violin)

Nafplio, Three Admirals' Square

Dates - time of event
September 23-27, 2021, at 8.30 p.m.

Free. However, early arrival is required, so that a control of the number of entrants is possible, which should not exceed 200 people.

Did you know that?
The events are produced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Ephorates of Antiquities of Argolis, Corfu, Piraeus and Islands and the Municipality of Nafplio.
The event will meet all the prescribed health protection measures to prevent Covid-19.

εκδηλώσεις μνήμης Ιωάννης Καποδίστριας, in memory of Ioannis Kapodistrias
Ιωάννης Καποδίστριας, Ioannis Kapodistrias
statue of Kapodistrias, άγαλμα Καποδίστρια
in memory of Kapodistrias 2021, Καποδίστριας εκδηλώσεις 2021

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