Easter Events Schedule 5 to 15 April 2015

The Holy Easter season are dominating to the religious element. In our municipality, residents and visitors will feel the solemnity of the days and will live the traditional Greek Holy Week.

04/05/2015 Saturday Lazarus

11.00 Three Admirals' Square (City Hall)
"With a kaleidoscope"
We invite children at Three Admirals Square to construct and decorate Lazarus with spring flowers and sing songs in the old town of Nafplio.

19.00 Βουλευτικό
El Greco
The Group Argolis for UNESCO, the City of Nafplion and DOPPAT in cooperation with the National Gallery - Annex Nafplion celebrate the year El Greco and invite you to honor with your presence the event: "El Greco, 1541 - 1614: A journey through time and space" on Saturday, April 4, 2015.

04/05/2015 Palm Sunday

7.00 Matins and Divine Liturgy - Vaiforos

18.00 Municipal Gallery (MP)
Opening retrospective exhibition of significant greek sculptor indulge Karympaka. The exhibition will run until 20/04/2015.

19.30 of the Bridegroom in the city churches
Choral shape at the Church of St. Anastasius Nafplio

06/04/2015 Holy Monday

19.30 of the Bridegroom
On Holy Monday, in the person of Joseph Pangalou depicted the drama of the Lord and starts week of the Passion. Choral shape at the Church of St. Anastasius Nafplio.

21.30 Church of St. Spyridon Nafplio
Ecclesiastical - Byzantine melodies Passion of Holy Week from the band "Byzantine and Traditional Echoes" under the direction of K. Rutuli.

"I believe the incredible"
Open Painting exhibition of John A. artist. Noni in the sky. The exhibition will be hosted in place until Easter Tuesday.

04/07/2015 Holy Tuesday

19.30 Sequence Bridegroom
The Holy Tuesday is dedicated to the sinful woman. Chanted the famous hymn (Doxastikon) of Hymnographer nun Cassiani. Choral shapes in churches of St. George, the Virgin Mary and St. Anastasius Nafplio.

08/04/2015 Holy Wednesday

11.00 National Gallery - Annex Nafplion (Railway. Division 26)
 The Children's workshop of  the National Gallery - Annex Nafplion will create the space of Easter structures for children of the city under the guidance of artist Magda Mara.

17.00 Holy Unction in the city churches

19.30 Sequence Supper
Four events of the last moments of the Lord: Holy washbasin, Supper (tradition of the Mystery of the Eucharist), prayer of Jesus on the Mount of Olives. Choral shape at the Church of St. Anastasius Nafplio.

21.30 Old City
The Youth Choir of D.O.P.P.A.T will present under the direction of Th. Antoniadis, works from Greek and international religious repertoire in alleys and squares of the old town.

09/04/2015 Holy Thursday

11.00 - 14.00 Workshops for children on "Easter Egg"
a) National Gallery- Annex Nafplion (Railway. Division 26)
Tales and stories about "Easter egg" by the Center for Creative Activities Sophia Louka "CREATE".
b) Square Kapodistrias
With a Kaleidoscope children create egg - surprise while playing the game of happy eggs in Kolokotronis Park.
c) the sky (Othonos7)
We are preparing for the Resurrection and we paint our red egg. What will crack the evening after Christ is risen and will break all ........!

19.00 Sequence of Apokathilosis
Choral shapes the sacred temples Virgin, St. George and St. Anastasius Nafplio.

23.00 The vocal ensemble "Agreement", under the direction of Th. Antoniadis, sings in the city temples excerpts from the sequences of M. Week and the choir "Byzantine and Traditional Antillaloi" with choir master K.. Rutuli attaches the lament of Mary also the churches of the city.

10/04/2015 Good Friday

07.00 of the Great Hours

11.00 Great Vespers of Deposition

19.30 Sequence of Lamentation
Choral shapes the sacred temples Virgin, St. George, St. Nicholas and St. Anastasius Nafplio.

21.30 Opening of the behavior of Epitaphs
Meeting of Epitaphs of the Cathedral of St. George, the church of the Virgin Mary and the church of St. Nicholas in Syntagma Square to the accompaniment of Philharmonic D.O.P.P.A.T and Polyphonic Choir of Church of Our Lady under the direction of Th. Antoniadis.

Municipality of Assini - Beach Tolo
The procession of the Epitaph in Tolo will be done by boats and fireworks accompanied the sea.

04/11/2015 Saturday

07.00 Holy Mass

11.00 First Resurrection
The Philharmonic D.O.P.P.A.T is playing in the streets of the old town under the direction of Th. Antoniadis.

12.00 Syntagma Square
Spring Musical wanderings with known melodies of classical music and classic cinema, piano: Th. Bitterness, violin: E. Chickpeas, vilolontselo: S. Chickpeas.

19.00 - 21.00 Historical Center
The Municipality of Nafplion and D.O.P.P.A.T offer guests Nafplio one spring afternoon stroll acquaintance with the historical center. Start Location: Land Gate (adjacent Court House).

23.00 Resurrection churches in the city

24.00 Risen Christ !!!
Fireworks in the sky of the Municipality of Nafplion for Resurrection angels!

12/04/2015 Easter Sunday

17.30 Municipality of Midea - Church of St. John the Baptist in the village of Midea

After operation of LOVE, dances, songs of Spring Easter cycle in the church square, in an attempt to revive the Cultural Association Midea "The Alcmene" the custom of LOVE.

04.13.2015 Second day of Easter
Municipality of Assini - Village Assini
The afternoon of the second day of Easter the Local Community revives the custom of Judah.

In the house of the municipality located in Nafplio Kapodistrias Square, the social service agencies will be able to inform citizens about their work and to inform them on how they can help their needy fellow beings.