Easter 2016 in Nafplio

Nafplio is a destination, you do not need an excuse to visit, any time of year. If you are looking for a place to reveal the tradition of Greek Easter, Nafplio is the perfect choice. 
The city with spring mood is getting ready to welcome the Easter travelers. The old, Byzantine churches are dressed in black for the sequence of the Holy Week, the blooming bougainvillea in every alley herald the spring,  the courtyards are whitewashed and the pots are filled with flowers.

If you do not know how and where to find the best choices while your staying in Nafplio, you just have to visit the best travel Portal of the city,! The team of Discover Nafplio, as insiders, has done all the work for you!

Taste paradise
Nafplion can rightly be considered the paradise of taste as the town satisfy all culinary requirements, from simple mother-made food to special gourmet plates.
At La Gratella, a breath away from the port, try anyway aragosta prezzemolata (stuffed ravioli with lobster) and chylomeno appropriately risotto with fine flavor of porcini mushrooms or salmon fillet folded with prosciutto and fresh, light couscous accompanying ideals holding the balance. In Aiolos tavern, choose the local beans and beets, grilled octopus or squid stuffed otherwise ask to be informed about the daily specials. Anyway Helen, Chris and George will make you immediately feel like home. Nafplion with out port can not exist, which is why you can 'lounge' at Il Porto, in Bouboulinas overlooking Bourtzi and try the special oven dishes, peinirli, paninis, Stromboli and calzone and the sfilatino, twisted pie with mozzarella and prosciutto. Accompanied with the authentic Italian wine, glass or bottle. At the pedestrian of Vas. Konstantinou where Palamidi dominates the place, Souvlomagkies suggest a typical Greek menu for Easter: burgers ewe and the traditional Easter frygadeli dish. You should accompany them with the handmade tirokafteri. Authentic Italian cuisine you will enjoy at Popeye, the bustling Staikopoulou. For the days of Easter the chef Elias Kokkonis proposed prosciutto pizza and authentic carbonara with pancetta, eggs and Parmesan. For fasting the whole M. Week go to Vyzantio, a tavern in the picturesque alley of Vas. Alexandrou with blooming bougambilies creating a unique landscape. On Easter Sunday do not forger to try the traditional "Lamb Fricase".

Sweet sins
Gelarto, opposite the church of Our Lady of the Old City proposes Lenten handmade ice cream for the Holy Week, and ice cream brioche nutella after the Resurrection. The sin in all its splendor!
Before you leave the city yoy have to go to Mesali to get traditional Greek brioche or brioche stuffed with praline and white chocolate. These will left you a sweet memory of your Easter holiday!

Time to relax!
Everyone knows Iliostasio. In one of the most beautiful parts of the city, overlooking the lighthouse, the sea and Bourtzi you can enjoy your coffee during the day and the well-known cocktails in the evening. At Negro in the bustling Bouboulinas str during the day except of the really great coffee you can relax while enjoying a special Ghirardelli white chocolate or a light snack. As for the night ... here you will find the most in club of the city, with Greek music some nights, be more live than ever!

The ... Nafplio goods
Nafplio provides to its visitors a shopping experience! Specific creators, new trends, handcrafted masterpieces gives visitors more than they have imagine. You'll understand it as soon as you visit the FW Bags in Staikopoulou Str. Handmade original wooden bags do not only makes you «Feel Wood» but also «Feel Good» when you buy one of them! In Politimi, a real "valuable" art workshop you will be delighted with the handmade candles and the torches-candles in different sizes, ideal to decorate a corner of the house or garden. Maria in Agnithes has prepared the loom, handmade scarves and shawls ideal for spring weather and ties for men who want to stand out.
For Easter gifts certainly visit Avgouli My home store. You will stand especially lucky since all April a special sales of -30% is on, for home decoration.
For those who know, Nafplio and rosary go together. You can not leave Nafplio unless you acquire one, either for you or for a gift. First you should visit the world's only, Worry Museum that operates on the first floor in the neoclassical building of Staikopoulou str and after in the ground floor choose the rosary that suits you, with the invaluable help of Mr. Rallou.

Insider tips
- At Holy Thursday late evening, the churches of the old city remain open to adorn their epitaph. Step inside and watch the process. The custom wants unmarried girls to decorate the epitaph.

How to get here
By car
150 Km from Athens. Trip duration 1,5 hours.
From Athens: You should take the new National Road Athens-Patra (Α8).
At Korinthos you should take (A7) for Tripoli.
Take the first exit after Spathovounio Tools and follow the signs to Nafplio.
Tools: Olympia Odos Elefsina 2,10€ , Isthmos 1,80€, Spathovounio 2,50€
By bike
Comfortable trip.
Tools: Olympia Odos Elefsina 1,50€ , Isthmos 1,30€, Spathovounio 1,70€
By bus
There is a bus from Athens to Nafplio, almost every hour. You can book your ticket online at
T +30  2105134588