Nafplio Action 2020 - October 31st & November 1st 2020

The Municipality of Nafplio, in cooperation with "Whynot" company, organizes on October 31st and November 1st 2020, the sporting event "Nafplio Action 2020". The sporting organization comprises two sub-sports events:

Tolo Swim & Run - Saturday, October 31st 2020
Swimming and road races in the area of Tolo

Nafplio Triathlon - Sunday, November 1st 2020
Triathlon and aquathlon races

The events are open to all athletes. Both the participants and the spectators of the race, will have the opportunity to experience a unique sporting event in Tolo and Nafplio, a friendly tourist destination for everyone. The Organization has now been established as an institution in the sporting events of the Municipality of Nafplio.

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