Kiveri - A small village by the sea

Looking at the Argolic Gulf from the harbor of Nafplio, you can easily distinguish where Kiveri is located. If you could draw a straight line, then you would find it straight across the bay.

A village full of history
If you think that the small fishing village has no historical value, then you're wrong. Its geographical position makes Kiveri a the strategic point from antiquity to modern history. Here Danaos, the famous king of Argos anchored, there also stood a temple of Poseidon, as well as where  the Franks built their summer houses in the past. Unfortunately, none of this survives today.

Built on the slope
Kiveri, located only 19 kilometers away from Nafplio, is built on a hill slope and has two beaches. You will reach the first one, also known as the big beach, going down the downhill road from the center of the village. The beach is organized, and you can find everything you want, from coffee, juice, snacks, to nice taverns with Greek traditional food and fresh fish. In order to reach the second beach, you have to follow the way to the lighthouse, just a few meters away from the big beach. You will find yourself on a small pebbled beach -however often crowded. The water here is deep and very clear.
If you are still looking for privacy, you can take the path continuing to the right (of the small beach). There, a few small "private beaches" are the perfect place to relax.

Did you know that?
There is an underwater source in Kiveri, the well-known Anavalos.
In the old days, in the neighborhoods of the village, a game called "Vergo" was played and was accompanied by a song of the same name.

It is worth to try fresh fish in two - three small taverns located in the village, by the sea.

How to go
Distance from Nafplio: 19Km
Road: Provincial, very good
Tolls: No Tolls
Estimated Time: Almost 20 minutes from Nafplio
By car
From Nafplio, you follow the road to Nea Kios and Miloi. At the end of the road, in Miloi village, you turn left taking the Argos-Tripoli old national road and after 800 meters you turn left again, following the signs.
Of course, there is obviously another way; you put in the GPS destination Kiveri and follow the instructions!
By bus
You can see the existing bus routes Here

χωριό Κιβέρι Αργολίδας, Kiveri village of Argolis, Kiveri beach

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