You are sitting in a coffee shop in the harbor of Nafplio gazing at the sea and the enchanting Bourtzi fortress. And suddenly you feel the urge to discover what hides behind its heavy doors... Rather easy, I could say...

Boat trip
Boats that will lead you to the island are stationed just in front of you, at the beginning of the harbor. Experienced captains sail for Bourtzi every day. They can surely tell you various stories about it, if you start a conversation. All you have to "sacrifice" is 5 € and in five minutes you are in the Venetian fortress. During the summer months, it is very possible to have the opportunity to follow an event there.

The boats leave every 30 minutes or so in summertime and the ticket costs 5 € (return included).
During the summer season, the boats leave every day, except Tuesday.
From the end of October and during the winter, boats leave only on weekends.

Bourtzi, Μπούρτζι

37.5697, 22.7904