Vouleftiko - Comic exhibition "A universe below & concept art", July 30th to August 8th 2021

Έκθεση κόμικ Ένα σύμπαν πιο κάτω & concept art στο Ναύπλιο, Comic exhibition A universe below & concept art in Nafplio, Halloween window

Along with the release of the new comic album "A universe below" by Kyriakos Makris, the comic exhibition under the same title will be inaugurated in the ground floor hall of the "Vouleftiko" (Old Parliament) in Nafplio, on July 30th 2021.

The black stripe with selected frames from the comic will run around the room, giving visitors the feeling that they are in a black hole in a parallel universe, where the historical monument (Bourtzi) flies like a spaceship. Small installations will complete this strange narrative, while from another audio installation the conservator of satellite monuments will send instructions to the visitors, for a more pleasant and complete experience.

Έκθεση κόμικ Ένα σύμπαν πιο κάτω & concept art στο Ναύπλιο, Comic exhibition A universe below & concept art in Nafplio

Taken from the anti-preface of the comic album: "... this strange flying object, of unknown identity so far, was created a universe below. A universe full of humor, ingenious incidents, incompetent and useless crew, full of obsessions, parallel monologues, skirmishes, missions, plans, dreams and stars. Many stars. The magic spaceship, in its below universe, has always been one step before failure. And while each frame was getting closer and closer to disaster, it managed to continue its leisurely ride. It was as if the following universe was conspiring in life, because she loved her failure and had fun with her comically dramatic heroes. Or are things different after all? Does this universe see things from another angle, one angle below? In other words, is this comic moment of failure nothing more than a season ticket, a flight simply without return?

Duration of Exhibition
July 30th to August 8th 2021

The exhibition is presented in the ground floor of the first Greek Parliament named "Vouleftiko" (Nafplio old town on Syntagma Square).

Opening hours
11:00-14:00 & 19:00-22:00


Did you know that?
The comic album "A Universe Below" will be released by Aposperitis Publications Bookstore.
The exhibition is a co-organization with the Municipal Organization of Culture, Environment, Sports and Tourism (DOPPAT) of Nafplio.

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