3Sixty Hotel & Suites

26 Papanikolaou & Kolleti Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27525 00501 F +30 27525 00501

E 3sixtyhotel@gmail.com

Discreet luxury, high aesthetics, ideal location, environment of relaxation and calm: and who does not focus on these items by searching the perfect accommodation? Ladies and gentlemen, I prese...

John & George Hotel

8 Vasileiou Hali Str, 21056, Tolo

T +30 27520 59097 F +30 27520 59679

E jg@j-g.gr

What are the ingredients for the recipe of unforgettable holidays? Sun, sea, good food, friendly atmosphere, pure hospitality. Simple things that nonetheless rarely found. The hotel John & Geor...

Dias Hotel

Papanikolaou & Moutzouridou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 22276 F

E info@dias-hotel.com

Dias Hotel is housed in a very historical building. Here was the house of Demetrios Ipsilantis, while just across the road lived Mavrogenous Manto (a hero of '21). That's how there famous roman...

Ippoliti Hotel & Suites

Aristidou & 9 Ιlia Miniati Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 96088 F +30 27520 96087

E info@ippoliti.gr

If the issue of “where to stay” is not indifferent to you, but has the meaning of true hospitality, giving emphasis in the detail, being diffused of discreet luxury, then consider one of the be...

Dolphin Hotel

50 Aktis Str, 21056, Tolo

T +30 27520 59220 F +30 27520 59679

E dolphin@j-g.gr

And who has not dreamed of carefree summer holiday "a step from the sea"? These words are not a mere slogan but the phrase that perfectly characterizes the Dolphin hotel in Tolo!

Elena Hotel

31 Sidiras Merarhias Str, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 23217 F +30 27520 23888

E info@hotel-elena.gr

Hotel Elena has become one with the city of Nafplio, since it’s standing for 35 years in the same central point, providing accommodation and services to Greek and foreign visitors.

Ilion Hotel

4 Efthiomopoulou Str & 6 Kapodistriou, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 25114 F +30 27520 24497

E ilionhot@otenet.gr

In a city with such a rich history as Nafplio, accommodation in a monumental 400 years building that houses Ilion Hotel can only be a unique lifetime experience!

Latini Family Hotel

47 Othonos Str, 21100, Nafplio (Port)

T +30 27520 96470 F +30 27520 96471

E latinifamilyhotel@gmail.com

Could a small wooden boat behind a glass window travel you to Alexandria? At Latini, where the hospitality and the art give the slogan of "full steam ahead", yes, the journey begins even before...

Nafsimedon Hotel

9 Sidiras Merarchias Str, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 25060 F +30 27520 26913

E nafsim1@otenet.gr

The neoclassical mansion, which hosts the hotel, belongs to the 19th century. “Nafsimedon” has been operating for the past 13 years and is writing its own history.

999 Luxury Hotel

13 Kokkinou & Staikopoulou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 27075 F +30 27520 27075

E info@999hotel.gr

A new hotel has opened in the heart of Nafplio in the summer of 2014, a place that hides a piece of history of the city, at the same time revealing the dynamism and hospitality of nowadays.

Amphitryon Hotel

Spiliadou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 70800 F +30 27520 25850

E reservations@nafplionhotels.gr

Below Akronafplia's castle, overlooking the beach and Bourtzi, Hotel Amphitryon promises a five-star hospitality!

Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas

8 Papanikolaou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Akronafplia)

T +30 27520 70800 F +30 27520 28783


Welcome to the Nafplia Palace Hotel and Villas where modern luxury embraces ancient history. The unique Nafplia Palace enjoys a setting, history and aesthetic unlike any other hotel


Adiandi Boutique Hotel

31 Othonos Str., 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 22073, +30 6972084554 F +30 27520 99478




Byron Hotel

2 Platonos Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 22351 F +30 27520 27520



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