Energy Triathlon Tolo 2017, 1 October 2017


For one more year, the Municipality of Nafplio - DOPAPAT and the Hellenic Triathlon Federation organize Triathlon - Multisports Games under the name "Energy Triathon Tolo" on Sunday 1 October 2017, which will take place in beautiful Tolo. Co-organizers are the sports clubs of N.O.Napplilou & K.O. Nafplion "Range".

Energy Triathlon Tolo
The Energy Triathlon Tolo is open to all athletes of all ages. The more experienced triathletes will have the chance to compete at the Olympic distance, while for the youngest, the Super Sprint's distance is ideal to test their strengths. The most beginner athletes, apart from Triathlon, will have the chance to test their strengths in the even more accessible Aquathlon, which includes only Swimming and Running. At the same time, children's trials will take place, both in the triathlon and the aquatlon, aiming at attracting as many children as possible in the field of sports and multisports.

More specifically, on October 1st, Tolo will host the Games:
1) Olympic Triathlon (1,500m swimming - 40km cycling - 10km running) and Olympic Triathlon Relay (2 or 3 people Triathlon Relay).
2) Super Sprint Triathlon (300m bathing - 10km cycling - 3km running)
3) Kids Triathlon (150m swimming - 4km cycling - 1km run)
4) Aquathlon (750m bathing - 3km run)
5) Kids Aquathlon (150m bathing - 4km cycling - 1km running)

All interested parties can register electronically at and more specifically here until Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

Program Energy Triathlon Tolo

Saturday 30/9
16:00 - 20:00 Secretariat (Hotel Flisvos Royal)
16:00 Volunteer and staff briefing
17:00 Technical Information Aquathlon (Hotel Flisvos Royal)
18:00 Technical Information Super Sprint Triathlon and KidsTriathlon (Hotel Flisvos Royal)
19:00 Technical Information Olympic Distance Triathlon (Hotel Flisvos Royal)

Sunday 1/10
7:00 - 9:00 Secretariat function
9:00 Start Olympic Track Triathlon
9:00 Start Olympic Track Triathlon Relay
9:00 Start of the Aquathlon race
10.00 Starting Super Sprint Triathlon
11.00 Start of Kids Triathlon and Kids Aquathlon
13:00 Awards

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